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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tonight I discovered the MOST delicious dessert ever! Easy, only 137 calories per serving, packed with flavor, this sweet treat is called "Honey-Lavender Plum Gratin." The recipe was sent to me by EATING WELL. Let's just say it is a keeper!

Lavender is infused into the custard and creates a subtle, yet distinctive, floral taste complementing the sweetness of the plums.

I used Lavender Honey to sweeten the custard. I am dreaming about making this dessert and using blueberries or peaches in place of the plums. So wonderful!

Thank you EATING WELL! Here is a link to the recipe: http://eatingwell.com/recipes/lavender_plum_gratin.html?utm_source=EWDNL

The plums, peaches and berries are still abundant at the market. The time to try this spectacular dessert is now!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Mount Rainier greeted me as I returned to Seattle from my day on Vashon Island. The entire experience - beginning with an exotic Lavender Mocha and ending with a full on view of this magnificent mountain (not to mention the day spent in lavender fields) was exquisite!

The Vashon Island Lavender Harvest Celebration was the reason for my trip across Puget Sound to this lovely island. First stop was at the Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie where I was delighted to find the perfect beverage to begin my excursion. Lavender Mocha, a sumptuous concoction, consists of coffee, dark chocolate cocoa, milk and lavender syrup. I skipped the whipped cream topping, however the barista made sure there was plenty of foam on which she sprinkled just a few fresh lavender buds. The lavender, although subtle, seemed to make the entire experience fresh and rich.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Roasted Salmon with Citrus Herb Sauce

Looking for a delicious, easy and healthy dinner idea? The Seattle Times published a recipe on Wednesday, April 11th that caught my attention. I love dinners that can be cooked in the oven; no watching over a hot cooktop and minimal cleanup. When the recipe is built around salmon, onions, herbs and citrus, it is even better.

Along with the salmon, I served fresh asparagus and brown rice. The orange juice and green onions in the sauce added an interesting taste and highlighted the rich flavor of the wild King salmon.

This is definitely a recipe I intend to serve again. I am thnking about how to adapt it for halibut!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Discovering Butterfish

Saturday, I went to fishermen's Terminal to purchase Black Cod. Wild Salmon Seafood had fresh Black Cod at $14.99 per pound.

John and I were hosting our investment club for dinner. The star of the menu was this Alaskan fish we discovered in Maui under the assumed name of Butterfish. Black Cod is also known as Sable Fish. In Maui, we enjoyed Butterfish at Sansei, a local favorite for sushi. One of the people we shared dinner with that evening told us he prepared Butterfish for his men's gourmet group, and received rave reviews. That is when I knew I would be preparing butterfish in my own kitchen when I got back to Seattle.

After a bit of research, I figured out that Butterfish is not the name of the fish used in this dish. It is actually a recipe, a way to prepare Black Cod. Several recipes turned up in my google search. White miso, sake and a bit a sugar were ingredients showing up in most of the butterfish recipes. I found one I liked on Aloha World One Recipes.

Black Cod is a fish with lots of omega 3 oils. This white fish is firm like halibut, however the oil content makes it a richer and more moist delicacy. The black skin contrasts with the pure white flesh of the fish. I cut the fillets into eight 5 ounce pieces, marinated them in the miso and baked them for about 25 minutes. Easy, light and delicacies, this fish will be a regular in my kitchen.

Wondering what else was on the menu? Appetizer included Julia Child's Eggplant Puree -- the real title is La Tentation De Bramafam and Mediterranean Tapendade. The first course was a fresh colorful salad called Fiesta Chopped Salad. The side dishes paired with the Butterfish included Lemon Rice and fresh asparagus. The grand finale was a pear and sour cherry crisp served with lemon honey whipped cream. I will need a separate post to describe the wine. Let me just say it was perfect.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I am pleased to announce the addition of a new lavender farm to my list of growers. Of course, the farm has an intriguing name......Winding Brook Estate. Located in Missouri, they have more than 7000 plants and a lovely website ( www.windingbrookestate.com).

We are delighted to add Winding Brook Estate to our list of growers.