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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Edible Gifts: A Thoughtful Treat

During the holiday season, I find myself desperately searching for that perfect gift. Frequently, this challenge becomes more difficult because many of my friends and relatives have everything they need and more. The age-old question becomes, “How do I remember the people on my gift list with an appropriate and thoughtful gift?”

My friend, Heidi’s advice is to give edible gifts. “We live on our sailboat, and every inch of space is precious. We simply don’t have room for more stuff, that’s why I give our friends and family edible gifts.” Heidi looks for jams, candy, smoked salmon and fruit baskets that provide special luxury treats for the people on her holiday list.

When I visited Kathy Casey’s Food Studio for her holiday open house,  I found an array of delicious gifts that included cakes, cookies, candy, seasonings, honey, jams and chutneys. The Strawberry Lavender Jam and Blueberry Lavender Chutney grabbed my attention. These items are available at Dish D’Lish in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood.

At the Sweetlife Farm on Bainbridge Island, my selection included Rosemary Salt, Membrillo, (quince paste) Raspberry Jam and Firehouse Chipolte Cocoa.

When I support local farms and businesses, I am doing my part to help sustain my community. Visiting these shops offers a pleasurable and personal shopping experience. I can talk to the people who created these products. Chatting with Kathy Casey, I asked, “Where do you get your lavender for the chutney?”

She replied, “We grow it in our herb garden just behind our building, we have five varieties!”

This is the type of connection we can have with the people who produce local food products.

This holiday season, give up the search for the PERFECT gift and treat friends and family to a jar of chutney, jam or some other indulgence. Please leave me a comment telling me about your favorite or most memorable gift.

Happy holidays! I wish you peace and joy!



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