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Monday, September 25, 2006

Herbal tea, vibrant and refreshing, replenishes my spirit and delights my taste buds.

The Wu wei blend was created by a Seattle Teahouse in our Wallingford area -Teahouse Kuan Yin. Drink it for its beauty; the color is like a ruby. Also, the taste delights. Hibiscus, lemon balm, orange peel, lavender buds and cloves blend and offer a tastes from the garden.

Drink it cold on a hot afternoon if you please. The temperature in Seattle reached 80 plus today, so the iced tea was a perfect afternoon delight. The helpful young gentleman at the Teahouse Kuan Yin said the tea is also good served hot! The name of this blend is Wu Wei, meaning "effortless doing".

I purchased 1/4 pound of Wu Wei for a personal treat. After brewing a tall glass of Wu Wei in my kitchen, I felt refreshed with a sense of renewed energy. Delicious!

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