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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Apple Jelly Flavored with Lavender

Jelly, jelly, jelly - don't you love this word! A week or so ago, my apples were getting a bit long in the tooth. What to do? Jelly, jelly, jelly...

I decided to try my hand at making apple jelly. Flavored with lavender and a tiny amount of cassis, this jelly was amazing.

As a child, I enjoyed jams and jellies made by my dear mother. As an adult, I have forsaken jams and jellies. After tasting home-made products, I can not imagine eating something mass-produced with who-knows-what additives and preservatives. So I have been jelly-deprived for many years.

Sugar, aging apples, lavender and cassis come together in this tasty and beautiful jar of jelly!

Spread on my morning toast, my apple jelly sent me back to my childhood and the simple pleasure of jelly!

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Barbara Walton said...

I'm inspired to try marrow and lavender jam (having both!) and I'm very curious to see how it works out.