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Monday, April 20, 2009

Sold Out?

Stopped at Whole Foods around noon today, hoping to buy organic culinary lavender buds. Over the long dark, not to mention, cold winter, I've used up my stash. Although in each dish, only a tiny amount of lavender buds are required, I have enjoyed flavoring sugar, vinegar, cookies, cakes and salad dressing and more with the fresh taste of lavender. I made a bee line for the bulk herb section of the market. The jar was empty! With the luxury of time, I would have tracked down a clerk to ask about the situation. Out of time and down-hearted, I gave up for the moment.

PCC Natural Market sells organic lavender buds in their bulk section. I wondered if they are out, too.

Home now and sitting in front of my computer, I will order my lavender buds on the internet. Google returns 11,500 page on my search terms - culinary lavender buds.

Local Harvest offers Royal Velvet Culinary Lavender buds. Royal Velvet, a cultivar of English Lavender, tastes sweet and the fresh flowers are a deep blue.

Many lavender growers also have culinary buds for sale. Olympic Lavender Farm, Hood River Lavender Farm and Central Coast Lavender have just what I am looking for.

Another option are spice shops such as My Spice Sage, Penzeys Spices or World Spice Merchants.

With my supply of lavender buds replenished, I am dreaming of blueberries with lavender infused whipped cream.

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Dan Abbott said...

We have fresh culinary lavender (royal velvet & folgate bud) just harvested from our field. We are members of the Sequim Lavender Growers Assn. (http://www.walavender.com/). We can be reached at 360-452-5207.